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O2 | November 23, 2020

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Why choose O2?

Because we like heavy topics

The past few years we have substantially broadened our experience in the fields of environmental care, energy, public space, mobility and regional development. Tough and socially sensitive topics. Often with a direct impact on the lives of people.
That is exactly the kind of issues we like to tackle.

Because we believe people are quite clever

Truly involving people in your projects is a recipe for success. Not only do you create wider support, your projects simply get better. Does this mean giving up control? Certainly not. The room for negotiation is clearly defined beforehand.
We have experience with internal and external communication, with involvement and genuine participation, through classic means of communication or via innovative techniques, both online and face to face.

Because we prefer the no-nonsense approach

We don’t like wasting time. You can count on a direct line of contact with your dedicated project manager.
We don’t like fussing about fees or worrying about copyrights. Transparancy is our credo.
We don’t like pointless blabbering or useless meetings. Too many words often hide incompetence.


What does O2 do?

We consider sustainable communication as a whole, ranging from an information leaflet or a website to the restyling of an entire industrial site.

That includes:
Rational Energy Use – environmental reports – land use planning – strategic planning – infrastructure works – …
Editing – graphic design – process management – communication planning – …
Leaflet – magazine – website – signs – information meeting – speech – banner – information pillar – reporting – brainstorming – discussion leadership – …


Who are O2’s clients?

O2 has ample experience in both the private and public sectors. Thanks to our experience in the communication of technically complicated and/or socially sensitive subjects O2’s clients are also to be found in the following sectors: the funeral industry, water treatment, renewable energy, air analysis and monitoring, etc. More specifically our main clients are the following:

Public: the city of Aarschot, the city of Ypres, the commune of Anzegem, the commune of Zulte, NIRAS, the Province of West Flanders, the Regional Landscape of West Flanders’ Hills, the Regional Socioeconomic Consultation Committee (RESOC) ‘Westhoek’, UITZICHT crematory in Kortrijk (Courtrai), social housing company ‘Ons Onderdak’, Westtoer, …

Private: Keppel Seghers, Argex, Bremcon, Electrabel Group GDF-SUEZ plants of Doel, Tihange and Ruien, Envitec, Kluwer, PLAY AV, Soltech, Veolia Water Belgium and the Netherlands, VOKA, VAN MARCKE attorneys, …

Social Profit: Red Cross West Flanders, GOM West Flanders, UDB (Union of Belgian Designers), …